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Machak Combo - Kitchen Sink Organiser & 3 in 1 Kitchen Sink Dish Rack Drainer + 4 Pc Kitchen Storage Container Set

Machak Drainer + Kulfi maker is a great addition to your kitchen. Manufactured in India with high quality material to ensure all safety. You can easily hold sufficient utensils in the drainer. To pull out the kulfi always take out rotating the stick in the clockwise direction, always ensure you drain some water over the kulfi stand grooves to hel you pull it out in shape
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  • Made of BPA free Certified Food Grade Material. 100% quality guaranteed. Stackable , Space Saving Containers
  • Size (1400 ml - 18x 10x10cm )- 700 ml -10x10x9.5 cm Freezer Safe, 100% Airtight Containers. Ideal as grocery containers, tea sugar containers, dry fruit containers
  • Drainer Is Big Size Exact- 44x30x20 cm, Can easily hold 4-5 full plates, 6-8 glasses, 8-10 bowls, 2-3 Serving bows and have side Separate holder for spoon, knives, ladders
  • Best part it has the mechanism to drain the water directly into sink, without making your kitchen wet
  • Made In India Product, Utility Kitchen Combos. Package Content - Drainer Big + 4 pcs Kitchen Container Set ( Assorted Color)


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