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Machak Mystery Glass Water Bottle For Fridge With Steel Screw Cap, 800ml

SKU: Mystery bottlex 1
Machak printed glass bottles are made by molten glass and then molded into exciting shapes of water & juice bottles. Other unique colors are spray coated externally on transparent glass bottles and then annealed in a furnace for color longevity. Machak colored glass bottles help in chromo/colour therapy. These bottles are perfect to keep your water, juices & other liquids safe. Glass bottles will keep vital enzymes and nutrients from deteriorating as there is no chemical reaction between food & glass. Machak glass bottles are free from BPA, toxins, chemicals, lead that makes it the safest and most durable choice as a beverage bottle.
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  • The Best quality Glass water bottles (Spotless Glass crystal clear ). Glass Bottle for Home decor, Decorative items for living room
  • Size - 27 cm x 7.5 cm x 7.5 cm | Material: Glass_ Stainless Steel | No. of Pieces: 1 | Capacity: 800ml | Pattern : Colored Red Mysteri
  • Eco-Friendly BPA-free,Glass Ideal to store water juice milk etc
  • Ideal Usage: Use Glass Bottles For Your Daily Regular Or Refrigerated Water, Juice Or Any Other Beverage At Home, Office Or Anywhere
  • Store home-made or store-bought beverages in durable, safe, clear glass jug for easy, feel-good enjoyment. Holds an ample supply of liquid, yet is small enough to conserve needed fridge space.


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