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Machak Oval Big Modular Plastic Storage Containers for Kitchen with Lid. 1.8 Litre

SKU: Mck Ovel 1.8 Blue x1
Machak brings to you a set of 1800 ml modular containers to suit your requirements for storing rice, pulses, flour, grains, and other dry storage items. These Storage containers have large mouths designed for your hands to comfortably fit in for easier access to contents. Machak containers are made of virgin PP Material, which is non-toxic, BPA Free and 100% Recyclable to ensure that your containers don't harm the environment once disposed. The containers can be used without their lids to heat food in microwaves and their stackable nature allows for them to store and organize food in freezers. Additionally, they can be washed conveniently in dishwashers or hand-washed with non-abrasive scrubbers. Ideal for food prep by keeping your chopped vegetables, fruits, and leafy greens fresh for long and eliminating or reducing food wastage.
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  • Easy to open lid: The Containers have easy to operate lid. Recommended for dry food, pulses, spices, groceries. The lid design ensures that the flavour remains intact.
  • Highly drable, and ultra strong containers designed to last for years. BPA-Free & Keeps your food fresh for longer by avoiding bacteria build up.
  • Size : 17.2 x 16.5 x 8.5 cm. Capacity : 1800 ml, Note the capacity is in ml not 1.8 kg, Though it can easily accomodate upto 1800 gms. if you will fill salt it wil fill upto 2kg.
  • The containers can be stacked one over the other; space saving canisters help in organizing your kitchen
  • Weight of single container : 175gms, See-through design, easy to clean - the containers themselves are intelligently designed to be clear, so that you can see what the contents are, this may sound simple, but it's not


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