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Machak Plastic Containers For Kitchen Storage Set, Combo - 20 Pieces (Red)

SKU: Mck 20 pc container ser Red
Package Contents: Total 20 pcs container set Container 750 ml - 6, Container 375 ml- 6, Container 225 ml- 8. Food Container Food Storage Jar Jar And Container Food Container with Lid Fridge Container Food Storage Jar Lunch Box Picnic Storage Box ♠Multi-purpose Storage Container Set: Multi-purpose container set that helps to store a variety of products in an organised manner. ♠The different sizes of these containers can be used for different purposes. ♠While the medium-sized containers can be used to store spices, cereals, pulses, grains, dry fruits, tea and coffee powder and much more, the flat containers can be used as lunch boxes. ♠Not just edible items, one can make use of these containers to store small items like earrings and other jewellery. ♠Basic and Functional Design: Made of hundred per cent food-grade plastic, these containers are microwave-safe when used without their lids. ♠They can be stored in refrigerators as well. ♠The seven-litre container is most useful to store large quantities of food items like rice, wheat, dosa batter, curries etc, while the smaller containers can be used for various other purposes.
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  • Package Contents: Container 750 ml - 6, Container 375 ml- 6, Container 225 ml- 8. Total 20 pcs container set
  • Multi-purpose storage container, Colour: Red, Material:ABS Plastic, Shape: Rectangular Made in India from food-grade virgin plastic
  • Safe container for storage, comes in 3 different sizes Can be easily stacked and stored when not in use
  • Airtight. Ideal to store spices, masalas, cookies, dry fruits
  • Best kitchen organiser, you can stack containers, one over another.


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