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Machak Plastic Measuring Cups and Spoon Set with Ring Holder, 12 Piece Set

SKU: Mck measuring spoon 12 Blue
Have you ever put off following a recipe because you couldn't figure out the required measurements. Do you struggle with precision and accuracy with ingredients while cooking/baking. If so, then we have just the right product for you. With measuring cups and spoons set, be prepared for any recipe and cook with precision and ease.
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  • 12 Measuring Cups And Spoons In A Ring Holder. Accurately Measure Solid And Liquid Food Ingredients For Cooking And Baking.
  • Made In China, Color: Sky Blue/Pink/Green, Material: Plastic. Must for every kitchen
  • Hand wash recommended, dishwasher safe, excellent quality
  • Long lasting product, designed for right and left-hand use
  • 6 Measuring Cups - 1 Cup (250Ml), 3/4 Cup (188 Ml), 2/3 Cup (167 Ml), 1/2 Cup (125 Ml), 1/3 Cup (85 Ml), 1/4 Cup (60 Ml)


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